How to Clear Music

Tips to make the process go smoothly and quickly

Get help if needed

First time clearing music? Consider hiring a clearance professional if you're unsure how the music clearance process works.

Plan ahead

Allow adequate time to obtain approvals. In many instances, we have to track down a touring songwriter for approval of your request, and this can take time. Chatting up our receptionist has zero bearing on whether your request will be approved or the speed in which your request will be considered.

Provide all details up front

Provide us with complete written details of the proposed use. For books, TV shows and films, we require plot descriptions and text pages showing the in-context placement of the proposed use.

Your request might be denied

Don’t expect approval on a request just because you’re a bona fide good-deed-doing charity. Many of our clients get dozens of charitable requests per week and they cannot all be approved. Please respect our clients' wishes regarding the licensing of their songs.

Put everything in writing

All info and changes should be sent to us in writing. We do not give quotes over the phone.

Send it on over

Send your completed request via mail, by email (, or submit via our online license request form.