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Proudly representing the finest songwriters and songs of the last hundred years. Join us in our mission to maximize songwriters' earnings.


Music Publishing Administration

Flexible, short-term deals. 10% commission. You retain ownership of your songs. Quarterly accounting, typically within two weeks. Thousands of satisfied clients. Learn more...


Understanding the value of music and pricing songs accordingly is critical. With 40+ years experience, we are able to obtain the highest possible fees for our clients.


We specialize in finding uncollected and underpaid royalties. Our detailed statement reviews and desktop audits ensure you get paid every penny your songs earn.

Creative Resources

We pitch songs daily to tv shows, films, video games, promos, and commercials. We set up co-writing sessions and promote new releases, milestones, and anniversaries.


We keep on eye out for illegal infringing uses of your songs so you don't have to. We are fierce protectors of our clients' songs and aren't afraid to go after infringers.


Our proprietary tools allow us to track every recording of your songs (some have over 10k different versions!) and ensure you're being paid for each of them.

Worldwide Representation

We employ a network of ~40 independent sub-publishers to handle all major territories around the world. We've carefully selected the best sub-publisher in each territory.


Don't take our word for it

A small selection of the nice things clients have said about us

“Randall Wixen is that rare man of integrity in a business that I’m not gonna call crooked, but I’m not gonna call it anything else. ”

Tom Petty

“Wixen find the money. The staff, all of them, understand a complex business top to bottom. Forensic, professional, good people who value songs and the people who create them. ”

Morgan Lebus
Ribbon Music

“i dont feel that i have many friends in this industry but randall is def one of them. the fact that we've only worked together for 28 [years] is completely irrelevant to him as it should be....when it comes to looking after his artist he'd sue me over a nickel which is why we will always be friends.”

Matthew Johnson
Fat Possum Records

“Randall is the only one that I know who is calling it what it really is…Much Success for telling the straight up Truth.”

Pat Elliott
Mass Confusion Productions / Missy Elliott

“I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time and energy that has been invested in what I know is a pretty small catalog by the standards of what Wixen manages. It was a huge leap of faith when I decided to sign on with Wixen, I can't tell you how happy I am about how it worked out, better than I could have even hoped.”

Karen McDaniels
Gene McDaniels Estate

“[redacted major publisher] response time: 14 months. Wixen response time: 77 minutes. You can quote me on that.”

Daniel Schacht
Donahue Fitzgerald

“HOLY COW, BATMAN! What a delightfully unexpected treat in our statements this quarter — as always, Wixen never fails to deliver above every expectation. Your team is to be commended for their superior negotiating skills! Thanks for looking out after us.”

Kelly Johnson
Stephen Stills Music & Gold Hill Music Inc.

“Thank you again and again for all the care and love you put into your work. It is so appreciated, more than I can express in words, by me, Bernita and all our publishing clients.”

Nancy Meyer
Bates Meyer, Inc.

“I really appreciate all you do. Wixen Music Publishing has been a Godsend for me and my family. I've been grateful from day one that Randall took an interest in me, and then sorted out my publishing. It's made a huge difference in my understanding of the business –– and in my bottom line. Keep up the great work.”

Stan Lynch