Our Team

Meet the people

  • Randall Wixen

    Company Founder

  • Jason Rys


  • Kourtney Oppelt

    Vice President, Royalties

  • Jennifer Suomi


  • Cory Shackelford

    General Counsel / VP Business Affairs

  • Matthew Fowler

    Vice President, Administration

  • Kim Stockemer

    Director, Copyright/Licensing

  • Colleen Carney

    Manager, Creative/Sync

  • Jessica Halton

    Copyright and Licensing Manager

  • Christopher Patino

    Royalty Manager

  • Kevin Ridel

    IT Liaison/Office Manager

  • Jessica Green

    Client Manager

  • Christopher Kirchner

    Software Developer

  • Drake Jensen

    Royalty Assistant

  • John Webster

    Client Manager

  • Rebecca Valice

    Manager, Creative Sync